Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July 2011!

Mommy and I are all dressed up for the 4th of July!

I'm eating a Patriotic Popsicle

The little pool is fun. 

Uncle Bill & Me

Me and Aunt Marie in the big pool.

I'm a real fish in the water!

Madalyn came to play too. 

Madalyn looks pretty in the necklace. 

Mmmmmmmmm Watermelon

Madalyn has a watermelon face. 

I can eat a popsicle faster than Madalyn!

1 comment:

CCL Wendy said...

It sure looks like you had a great family day! And those stars and stripes antennas sure do get around, don't they? Last I saw Candy was wearing them (in fact, she's on the LOLSpot with them).

Boy those two little kids sure are gorgeous, separately and together!
They really seem to complement one another.

And both the big and little pools appear to be a hit!

Glad you all had a Happy 4th! I hope your back didn't deter you from enjoying yourself.