Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nothing but Stouffer's will do!

Aunt Marie told me this is his favorite.

I guess so!

He couldn't eat it fast enough.

Mmmmm!  It's so good!

Jonas Eating Stouffer's Mac & Cheese

An artist is born...

Crayons... and paper...

How does this work?

Jonas... scribble... scribble...

My name is Jonas...

Double fisted artist!


Loving the lion...

Lions and tigers and...

Giraffes OH MY!


Jonas wears many hats!

Shake your shamrocks-
mouth full of cracker!


Backwards tail first Tigger!

It's a Bison, not a Buffalo!

Jonas's morning snack bison animal cracker!

Not only are they yummy...

You can play with them before you eat them!