Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Tennis Ball Cat-Tree Game!

Jonas loves the kitties' sunflower cat-tree almost as much as they do.

He invents all these games with balls and the cat-tree. 

He throws the tennis balls into the cat-tree holes!

Then if they go in he says: I did it...
If they don't go in he says: I missed...

The cat-tree belongs to Jonas when he is here!  : ) 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jonas at Aunt ME's house...

Welcome to my Aunt ME's house- I play there between Daddy
going to work and Mommy coming home to get me.  

She has it decorated for Christmastime. 

Grandma Carm and Grandpa Randy brought lunch today.  
We had time to play and visit.

I was watching Mickey and standing by the Goddess Bastet
wearing her Santa cap to celebrate the season!

I'm telling Grandpa a big story!

Grandpa played downstairs with me and then we brought up- 
Uncle Guppy's Matchbox cars to play.