Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jonas's Baptism Day- August 29, 2010

Just woke up- here I am!

Daddy, Brian & Chrissy, Me & Mommy!

Great-Aunt Janet and cousin Chelsea

Cutest Baptism dude ever!

Say what?  E-trade tip?

Great Grandma, Great Aunt Marie, Uncle Bill

Aunt Marie missed me!!!

Grandpa Randy, Mason, Aunt Denine & Uncle Ben

Me, Daddy & Mommy

My cake... who's that handsome guy? 

Madalyn having some lunch

Me and Daddy- casual!

Mason giving Madalyn Driving Lessons

Crawling and playing with Madalyn's toys

Me and Mommy opening my gifts and cards

Me & Madalyn playing!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo Gallery of Jonas, Mommy & Daddy's Vacation in Myrtle Beach...

Hey everybody- Gramera uploaded 40 pictures from our
vacation in Myrtle Beach so if you want to see them click below:

More Myrtle Beach Pictures

These are from the photo album of:
Myrrhynda Leigh Nati
I stole them off of Facebook!

Gorgeous picture of Heather & Jonas!

Myrtle Beach Pics of Jonas & Marie

Jonas- Crawling!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

View from our Condo in Myrtle Beach!

Daddy, Mommy and I have arrived safely in Myrtle Beach!
Here's our view!  Daddy said I was a good boy on the way down!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jonas at Gramera's...

Jonas was rocking today!

He pulled himself up to say HI to Candy!
Will the real kitty please stand up!

Hanging with Pride & Furby...
Look at me, I'm as helpless
as a kitteh up a tree!

Cool dude- flower power!

Playing the baby bongo drum...

Trying to put the square peg...
into the round hole!

Everyone loves Jonas and Furby!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jonas-Nature Boy!

Daddy, Mommy & Me in front of Grandma's
Giant Sunflowers- they are 8' 3" tall today!

Here's our family tree!

Me and my daddy...

I might be a gymnast some day! 

Taking time to smell the phlox!

Me and my Grandpa Randy in the their backyard!

Practicing my jumping like a kangaroo!

Jonas- I've got the music in me!

I can play sitting down...

I can play standing up...

Is this the end I stick in my mouth?

This way?

Must be this way...

I'll just listen to grandpa play his fiddle! 

Jonas's 1st Piano Concerto

Monday, August 9, 2010

Grandma's BD Picnic

Uncle Ben and Aunt Denine had a family picnic for Grandma's BD.
I got to play with my big cousin Mason...

Mason let me ride shotgun in his police cruiser.

This thing is the coolest... I want one of these someday!

Mason already knows how to drive at age three!  Pretty smart!

This is Jackie the dog- she is really good at taking care of boys!
She gave me a big kiss with her tongue!

Mason took me for ride a ride in my stroller too!

Mason can swim with swimmies too...
Next year Mason we'll have a swim together!

Happy Birthday Grandma... I love you!