Monday, April 25, 2011

Jonas- Easter Day- 2011

We all watched the Sabres/Flyers Game #6
The Flyers won in OT : (
We'll get them in Game 7!!!

Jonas had a good time with his Uncle Marc.

Jonas modeled his new swim gear.

He's one happening guy. 

Enjoying an Easter Cupcake mommy made for Jonas...

Good to the last smushy mess...  

Jonas took off when Heather was putting his PJs on him.

He decided to play Easter Bunny.

Admiring Bastet the feline goddess of fertility and new life!

In his bunny PJs ready to call it a day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Afternoon at Grandma's

Here I am sitting up on the sunflower cat tree...
Look how much I've grown...

This was ME one year ago...

Hugging my Easter Bunny!

Candy's hugging Sunny... I want to hug Candy!

She's so soft and cuddly...

She's a good kitty.

She's the Easter Candy!

I love kitties!

Meeting my new cousin Walker!

On April 16th I met my new cousin Walker Elwood Cole.
He was born on April 8th and he's the new kid on the block now.

My cousin Madalyn and I were looking at Walker.
Great-Grandma Mary is holding him.

OK enough looking at him let's play with his toys.
My cousin Mason is a BIG brother now.
Some day I might be a big brother too!

Hey no fair, Aunt Marie's holding him now!
Great Grandma Mary has me.

Not sure about how I feel about this... Mommy's holding him.
Grandma Carm & Grandpa Randy's 3 grandsons together at last!
Uncle Ben, Aunt Denine, Mason & Walker makes 4.
I'm not the baby anymore!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pride helps Jonas rock the Trump-Comb-Over!

How many little boys have a real coon-skin cap? 

Jonas makes a cute redhead...

Trump-Comb-Over for the win!


The Buffalo Sabres are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

He shoots... He scores!!!

Doing a happy dance!

Go Sabres!

We're gonna win that cup!
This was the song before my daddy was even born!

Jonas- Little Sabres Fan