Friday, July 15, 2011

Aunt Jennifer & Uncle Ryan Sheedy's Wedding-7/15/11

A beautiful family portrait of Mommy, Me & Daddy
Madalyn, Aunt Jenny & Mommy
Here we are ready to PARTY!

Me and My Mommy!

 The Bridal Party
 The lovely bride and bridesmaids
 Come on Mom & Daddy let's dance!

 Another Family Portrait
 Madalyn making some mixed drinks!

Me with the bride and the groom!
This was the 3rd wedding I have gone to...
and I'm not even 20 months old!

1 comment:

CCL Wendy said...

The bride looks very classy, and I love the bridesmaids dresses, too -- quite chic!

That first family picture of Heather, Eric and Jonas speaks volumes of their love for each other.

And wow! I've never seen Heather and her sister look more alike than they do here. Of course, wearing matching outfits helps.

I wish the newly married couple a long and happy life together!