Sunday, November 28, 2010

My BIG Birthday Bash- Presents!

And then there were presents!!!

Madalyn and Mason helped me open them.

You tear off the pretty paper and there's a toy
or some cool clothes inside!

It was so much fun!

Thank you... I love it!!!

All of this for little one year old me? 

Let's start playing with all these toys!

My BIG Birthday Bash- The Monkey Cake!

My mommy made me this yummy Monkey Cake.
It was egg and dairy free.  It tasted really good.

Here I am- One year olds rock!

Mommy, Me, and Daddy with the cake...
People were all singing Happy Birthday!

Mommy feeding me some cake...

Texting... OMG at my BD party

My BIG Birthday Bash... Relatives!

This is my Great-Aunt Marie- she really is
so great to me!  She watches me on Thursdays
and she buys me stuff all the time!!!

These are my god-parents Uncle Joe & Aunt Jenny.
They are wonderful <3

It's gets complicated here...
This is my Grandpa Randy who is my Gramera's
husband and he's the guy who I see all the time.
He's holding my cousin Mason-
who is daddy's step-brother Ben's son...
The guy holding me is my Bio-Grandpa Michael.
He lives really far away.  I <3 my all my grandpas!

Great- Grandma Mary- Gramera's mom...
with Mason and ME of course!

Uncle Marc and Aunt Amy- who had a
naughty dog bite her when she was trying
to make him pretty... that's not nice!

Aunt Denine, Mason, Uncle Ben and ME.
They are making me a new playmate!
He will be born in April...
I'll be the BIG cousin!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving FUN with Jonas!

I got the party in dapper outfit had a wardrobe
malfunction of the leaky kind!

No... I don't think the pilgrim hat goes with stripes!

Mr. Turkey looks like he could be fun.

Let's hear you gobble gobble...

Family Portrait time...This is my good side.

Hey guys... that tickles!

Mommy, Daddy and me!  Aren't we cute?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me and my monkey!

I'm showing you how old I am- ONE!

Gramera bought me this singing birthday bear
when I was born- I don't know if I am
fascinated by it or terrified!

Me and my homeboys celebrate the day.

Aunt Marie bought me a toy remote!
A man needs his remote.

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Joe and Madalyn bought
me this convertible chair/ first futon!

YES- I am walking by my first birthday...
I can stand up, take a few steps, and
then I hurl myself forward into Aunt Jenny's arms!

I think I've made a LOT of progress this past year!
My big party is going to be Saturday!
XO Jonas- ready to start my 2nd year ;)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Me and my Daddy...

I'm looking at the man in the mirror...

Wait a minute you're not a baby!

Jonas at Gramera's House...

Tooling around with my walker...

It's for me- a little privacy please...

I can get around with this thing...

I'm the man...