Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jonas's #2 BD- Get Together at Grandpa & Grandma's House...

Jonas showing Grandpa Randy Rock-Star Mickey.

Mommy & Jonas opening "The Beast".

Furby leading the way to all the birthday fun. 

Jonas writing thank you notes.

Jonas with Mommy & Uncle Marc

Mommy & Jonas with Mickey & the Beast!

Jonas turns 2 on Wednesday, November 23!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jonas #2 Birthday Gift-Opening

Jonas had lots of help from the ladies.

What's this?

All kinds of new toys

This is a big one...

A working toy vacuum cleaner.

New winter hat and gloves

Rock Star Mickey and Jonas...

Bubble and Candle Blowing...

Jonas forever blowing bubbles... 

BLOW out those 2 candles... 

Mommy and Jonas

Let's blow them out again!

Everyone grab a cupcake!

Party Guests

Jonas entertaining his lady friends

A little coloring art fun

Baby cousin Walker- 7 months old.

Finchy, Daddy and Lindsay

Big cousin Mason- playing hide 'n seek

Mommy- is going to have a new brother or sister for Jonas.
He just loves Walker.  He loves to kiss him.

Grandpa Ken, Uncle Ryan, 
Great-Grandma Pat and Great- Grandpa Ron

Uncle Eric Sheedy and Jonas

Miniature Golf Ball Game

Jonas was just rolling the golf ball by hand into the mini-golf game.

Who needs clubs?

A cross between bowling and golf! : )

Jonas's #2 BD Party

Jonas's Party at Page's Paradise Island.

Aunt Jenny with Jonas and Madalyn

Uncle Guppy & Great-Grandma Mary

Mommy & Jonas... 

Mommy's Mickey Mouse Cupcake Creation!  YUMMO

Mickey decorations and yummy food...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Foliage- Jonas playing outside!

Jonas playing in Great-Grandma Mary's leaves!

Let's rake up all these leaves with Great-Grandma!

Playing ball and raking leaves! 

Sitting in the tree that made all of those leaves.

Waist deep in leaves! : )

Getting that raking technique down!

I think he's got it!

Grandpa Randy & Grandma Carm's House

Jonas and Daddy came for a visit to see Grandma & Grandpa.

Furby has always been Daddy-Eric's favorite kitty.
Furby just adores Eric's son Jonas.
He followed him all over the house.