Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jonas-18 months old- Outside Pics!

Me buzzing around outside- like a busy bee!

Papa's filling the bird bath so they can drink and bathe.  

Who's that knocking at my door?  

A walk to mail letters with Great-Grandma and Papa

A lesson about community helpers. 

Jonas cheering up Moony.
Moony's better half Sunny died yesterday.
We were feeling pretty low until Jonas came today!
You can't be depressed with him around. 


michaelejahn said...

Sorry to hear that Sunny died

CCL Wendy said...

As you know, I am so sorry about Sunny's passing. It's literally like the Sun has gone away.

I'm glad that Jonas can bring you joy in your time of sorrow, though. That little boy is a delight, indeed.

Poor Moony, too! I hope he can adapt without his lifelong sidekick.