Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meeting Uncle Charlie Picnic

Grandpa Randy's brother Great- Uncle Charlie from Arizona visited.

We had a picnic and lots of fun things.

Uncle Jay was blowing HUGE Bubbles!

My new cousin Walker was just relaxing. 

Mason was teaching me gymnastics!

See I can do it too with a little help from mom!

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CCL Wendy said...

So that's Uncle Charlie! Did he interact much with the kids?

It's obviously that Jay gets off on Jonas (but who wouldn't?).

And there's that very healthy looking Walker! Poor little guy can't join in the fun quite yet, but he'll be running around soon enough.

It looks like Mason is going to be the leader of quite a little troup of cousins (including his own brother, too, of course). With the age differences they'll all be able to line up in order of height.

Such beautiful children!