Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers' Day & Daddy's #27 Birthday

Today was a very special day because not only was it Fathers' Day 
it was also my Daddy's Birthday #27. 

Gramera and Papa took us out for a yummy brunch at Betty's. 

Me wishing Papa Randy a Happy Fathers' Day!

Daddy and Papa sat at the heads of the table...

When we were leaving I met this little cutie.  
I tried to get her number- but she didn't know her number yet.
Her big brother was giving me the stare down!

We went back to Gramera and Papa's house to sing Happy Birthday
to my daddy and they ate this yummy cake.
I had animal crackers and made elephant sounds!  
Then Mommy and I went to my other Papa's house.
Daddy had to go to work!  

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CCL Wendy said...

Yet another awesome family gathering! Happy Belated Birthday to Eric. I'm sure it was extra special being Father's Day and all.

That Jonas sure seems to be a little ladies' man. First his cousin Madlyn and now this hot little blonde! He sure has good taste.