Sunday, November 28, 2010

My BIG Birthday Bash... Relatives!

This is my Great-Aunt Marie- she really is
so great to me!  She watches me on Thursdays
and she buys me stuff all the time!!!

These are my god-parents Uncle Joe & Aunt Jenny.
They are wonderful <3

It's gets complicated here...
This is my Grandpa Randy who is my Gramera's
husband and he's the guy who I see all the time.
He's holding my cousin Mason-
who is daddy's step-brother Ben's son...
The guy holding me is my Bio-Grandpa Michael.
He lives really far away.  I <3 my all my grandpas!

Great- Grandma Mary- Gramera's mom...
with Mason and ME of course!

Uncle Marc and Aunt Amy- who had a
naughty dog bite her when she was trying
to make him pretty... that's not nice!

Aunt Denine, Mason, Uncle Ben and ME.
They are making me a new playmate!
He will be born in April...
I'll be the BIG cousin!


michaelejahn said...

Well done ! Great pictures and even greater captions !

CCL Wendy said...

So many relatives! And everyone is there for you, Jonas. It's wonderful to be surrounded by all that love.