Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jonas's Baptism Day- August 29, 2010

Just woke up- here I am!

Daddy, Brian & Chrissy, Me & Mommy!

Great-Aunt Janet and cousin Chelsea

Cutest Baptism dude ever!

Say what?  E-trade tip?

Great Grandma, Great Aunt Marie, Uncle Bill

Aunt Marie missed me!!!

Grandpa Randy, Mason, Aunt Denine & Uncle Ben

Me, Daddy & Mommy

My cake... who's that handsome guy? 

Madalyn having some lunch

Me and Daddy- casual!

Mason giving Madalyn Driving Lessons

Crawling and playing with Madalyn's toys

Me and Mommy opening my gifts and cards

Me & Madalyn playing!

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CCL Wendy said...

Jonas seemed very pleased to be the center of attention at his Baptism. He really has a lovely, easygoing personality.

And then, of course, to get presents on top of that -- and cake -- and get to play with the big kids! What a marvelous day!

The family coming together for Jonas is really what made this day special.