Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jonas' Cousins

The Marvelous Madalyn

Mommy, Madalyn & Jonas...

Madalyn says... It's for you!

Family friend Logan and Cousin Mason

Mason is going to teach Jonas all the little boy games!

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CCL Wendy said...

Instead of the Jonas' Brothers, it's the Jonas' Cousins (LOL)! (Jonas, for your information, the Jonas Brothers were three brothers who were huge pop idols at the time you were born).

Madlyn is adorable, but of course, you can't count out Mason either (or his friend)! What a beautiful bunch of toddlers! It was nice to include some actually kids at the shower as well! Helps mom and dad-to-be get accustomized to it all.

My, Jonas is really making quite the showing there! And there's still at least 3 months to go!